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Rofo card

I used my rofo card for the first time since enrolling it. First I swiped my bank card as prompted, then I swiped my rofo card as prompted.

It did not discount my gas and my bank account reflects that I was charged the full price for gas eventhough my receipt indicated that I gained rofo points for the purchase. Why is this and is there something I should have done differently?


Rofo card is not working


This is Naren Shah.I have Rofo card its works inside the store but gas station is not working because my son use wrong pin for more than three times that's why its look like lock account.I do have fund in my account but why its not working.can we use same account for re registration.

can u re open that account or I have to again log in.

Please let me know or call me at 302-397-7862.its works good but its not working any more.on Rofo card we save loots of money to buy gas and inside store products.its good card and savings.

all customer loved Rofo card.

have a nice day




Electronic withdraw

I would like to know why there was an electronic withdraw of $10.00 on Monday February 26 from my checking Acct. I had stopped at Royal Farms and spent $56.65 on a tank of gas.

But before this showed up an electronic amount of $10.00 was taken.

I need to know why. Thank you


Can't get the car wash discount

With out having it rofo card ? I can't get the fuel discount when buying it car wash?


sign up

I never used original card that I got and I want to sign up with a new card because I don't have the one I signed out with never used it and never got credit for anything I use how can I do that


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